Thursday, December 8, 2011

We're back!

We've been on hiatus since 2009. Deepest apologies on our part as its really not easy to run a blog with our busy schedule in high school. But now we're all done with SPM. So let the food adventures continue! This time, 10 times better and 10 times the juice.

Stay tuned!

p/s we've added a new header too for a fresh new look!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Johnny's Restaurant.


Water went inside my waterproof camera, and I'll only get my new one next week. :( Therefore, the snapshots aren't that clear.

During the hols, I went out with Naomi and her sis. :)
We ate @ Johnny's, One Utama.
Walk straight from Jusco supermarket and turn to your right. At the turning, you can spot the restaurant. It's a Thai restaurant by the way.

Had set lunch; A dish, drink, soup and ice cream for only RM8.90!
You can pick what dish, drink ice cream flavour you want. ;)

We walked out with a full tummy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bella Italia


just to start off, Ohmy Slurps have been inactive for quite awhile.
i know its annoying to keep going back to a website that does not have updates time after time.
so i will try as hard as possible to keep this blog alive :D

Bella Italia! :D
one of my favourite italian restaurants (:

its located at ss2/75 next to Public bank.
Its owned by a real italian, if im not mistaken,
i think its so much better than that Buonosera (however u spell it)
as ss2/67.
their mushroom soup

its like wild mushrooms and has this really unique taste. seriously best mushroom soup ever
yummyyyyy (:
each bowl (which is quite big to me) costs around 7 bucks or so.
for those who just wants a small meal with a friend.
u can order 2 mushroom soups and a garlic bread.
the garlic bread is really scrumptious :D
nicely toasted to perfection and together with the mushroom soup,
you have a match made in food haven. x)
its best if u go during lunch time, cause they have set meals which they charge according to the what main course you order, they just give u a complimentary soup and drink.

the Hawaiian Pizza :D
i love the pizzas there. the crust is nice and thin, a little bit crispy at the crust and fluffy on the inside. cheese is just PERFECT *drools

this is called.
i forgot. AGAIN!
but its deep fried bread with cheese inside, served with a very nice tomato sauce
without the sauce tho, it would be pretty tasteless..

this dish costs 13 bucks.


really, worth trying.

opening hours : 11.30 am. - 3.00 pm.
6 pm - (not sure)

their main courses are also not bad.

Super recommended (:

Jin Xuan Dim Sum

A very first for Ohmyslurps!

Jin Xuan Dim Sum is located in Damansara Jaya,
its pretty hard not to notice its humungous sign board.
anyway, the place is rather big.
and usually you will notice its packed.
because its pretty cheap.

When we think of dim sum,
the main stars, the Har Gau (prawn dumplings), Char Siew Pau and Siew Mai and a few others comes to mind.
well which is mainly how people determine whether a restaurant is good OR not.

just to add, the prawns were very fresh. and that was what made me not hate the food that much.


this is the SIEW MAI.
which is not really good.
because the meat was abit like rubber.
and abit tasteless, sauce always comes in handy at times like these.
but personally, i like to eat most stuff as they are, the original flavour. (:

the Har Gau! im being bias. i love prawns
and they were pretty fresh.
but one thing tho, it was very. tasteless too.
and if the prawns werent fresh, all u could taste it that hanyir smell.


this is some vege pau.
that my mum favours.
she said it was good.
but im not so sure.

okay im being honest here, it sucks.
its filled with jelatness.
its a Fried Yam with Prawn and Cheese.
i personally detest yam unless its ice cream.
and it was very oily, so really,
one bite was more than enough,

*i pulled the prawn out and left the others alone. :P

this was rather good.
except the fact that it was very oily.
its prawn also.
the outer part
is fried bread pieces.
has different textures so it makes it appetizing.

that crunchiness of the fried bread and the springyyyyy prawnsssss


*the char siew pau was also good.


but mostly the stuff there wasnt very good.
but if u want value,
u should take a visit to JinXuan DimSum (:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black Canyon. (2)

Mother's Day set =

Teriyaki Steak


Mushroom Soup


(I forgot the name of the drink)


Pinky Fruity

I ate all that. I regreted eating the set cause I was so friggin full! I couldn't stuff anything else in my stomache. Anyway, my family ordered coffee and some other yummy food.

Like I said before, in my other Black Canyon post, the food is so yummy! Hahaha, okay I should get started on my project and hit the books. Exams are near! So stop thinking about food & study!

Wish me luck too, I need it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


hey awesome ones, will be on a study break ):
as most of us ( well maybe all. :P ) are FORCED to study :6

keep coming back okay? :P
there will be more updates on more scrumptious and delicious food.

so stay tuned?


esther (:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mun Kee Steam Fish Head. (2)

We took my grandma out for Mother's Day dinner.

We ate @ Mun Kee Steam Fish Head. THE PLACE WAS PACKED! Even when we left at eight, there were still people waiting to be seated. My dad called for reservations, but they reserved the fish head for us instead of the table. Lol!

We ate all that for only RM67! That's a really cheap price for dishes and the food they serve is deliciouss. :D You can't find food that are cheap and nice that easily!

Chinese village pasarakyat (Jln Imbi)
No. 8, Jalan Melati,
off Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur


New Happy Garden Food Court
43-A (GERA) Jalan Lazat 1,
Taman Gembira, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

H/P : 016-2987876

There are two outlets. :D I've eaten at both (Click HERE for the other one) but I suggest you should eat at the one in Taman Gembira cause they serve chicken there (the other one doesn't). I don't think they reserve seats cause there are too many people but no worries, you don't have to wait long! There, I've just given you a good makan place suggestion for Mother's Day!